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"I would like to bring to your attention what a wonderful massage therapist you have. I have been to more than 20 massage therapist (some on a regular schedule and Edward is the best massage therapist I have experienced. His technique is excellent and varied. He can tell as he works through the massage which areas to focus on the right pressure to use and the technique that will provide relaxation. It is rare to find a massage therapist. 

As a male therapist, I am sure it is more difficult for him initially to get clients. Women who are new to massage therapy may be reluctant to try a male therapist. Once they try a massage by Edward, they will be hooked!"
by Tami Heikkinen (Forbici client)
"I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your massage therapist, Edward Narrido.  I was having severe neck problems so I made an appointment on the recommendation of a friend.  I thought his work was wonderful and it helped me immensely.

This week I went again. I decided to go every other week until I get totally back to normal and maybe then I would still continue just to stay in good shape.  My arms has not moved very far in the past 10 years and yesterday I could move it half-way up my back!  That after 1 year of therapy which did nothing.

I had never been to male therapist before but everything was handled very discreetly and I was very comfortable.  You are very lucky to have him on your staff."
Joan Ruddy of
Elk Grove Village

" I have never written a letter of commendation for a massage therapist in my life, but after my experience with Edward yesterday, I feel compelled to write to you.  I am glad that you saw me when I first arrived because I know that you could see just by looking at me how stressed I was. What you couldn't see was the pain and tension that was throughtout my body.  I wish that you could have seen me at the end of my massage because not only was I completely relaxed, the considerable pain in my neck, shoulders and back had been removed.

Over the course of my life, I have received massages from many different therapists, but Edward is superior to them all.  It is my experience that he just intuitively knows what my body needs and is able to skillfully provide that therapy.  The end result is that I feel "healed" and not just "relaxed"

I don't understand how Edward is able to do this, but I do know that he is the only massage therapist, I have ever found who would compel me to purchase packages of massages on a regular basis.  Because of the current stress level of my job.  I have made the decision to schedule weekly massage with Edward which is a considerable expense for me but I believe he is worth it.

I suppose I am simply saying what you already undoubtedly know.  Edward is an incredible asset to your salon and I am so grateful that you brought him into my life."

by Pat Barimore of
Skokie, Illinois
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